My Very First Blog as a Wedding Blogger

Where do I start, so that I don’t bore you with another blog! I know, I’ll introduce myself!! My name is Jacqueline Padilla, owner and designer of my very own Wedding Design House ( “had to put in a plug” lol! I master in wedding and floral design. Ive worked for other amazing designers that have made me who I am today! I absolutely love what I do and what to continue that way! I was born in Honduras, I have a daughter and yet myself have not been married YET!! I couldn’t event imagine starting the process!! I think as a bride when its all over, you actually learn about yourself and about bunch of other things!

I love to travel, family and food by far best thing ever!!  I love to dress up, dance, sing, basically Im a happy soul! When I work I work, Im focused I get my hands dirty, I climb laters, I unload trucks if I have too, just to get the job done!! Enough about me, you will hear more throughout my blogs, because this is a Wedding Designer Story! I want to take you what I go through, how I see things, how it all comes together and what weddings are all about! I love instagram and thats where this all started because all the pictures I post have a story but I can not write so much because basically people only want to see are pictures! So I want this I need this because I know there is someone out there to listen!

** Love what you do and Who you do it with **


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