My Road to Freedom, the leap into Entrepreneurship!

There is no wrong or right way to begin! Just do it and life will show you what to do next, there is never a perfect time! Remember that! Time is money and the more time you waste the more time you invest on someone’s else.

May 30, 2016 Is my Birthdate of Real Freedom!

I will try to keep a short as possible but I had to get so much information that I want to share!

Remember  safety net will only hinder you from your full potential, to be an entrepreneur, you have to live it, breathe it, want its, there are no days off or vacation pay or pto time, its all you and you have to be ready to take it head on! I started without any idea where my income was coming from! One thing I did know was I believed in myself and others did too. I knew I can do it! I remember I told my ex boss May 29th after I finished my last wedding. I said “You do know I’m going live with my company tomorrow, everything from social media to webpage.” (I did give a month advance I was leaving but I wanted to finish all my weddings prior to date.) Then boom: I had all my social media out lets done, I chose square for site, I found a name and I had a logo made and I knew what a I wanted to be and I was ready.

My first client was booked on the same week by one very special planner and our first meeting was in a restaurant. After that I booked every week after and have not stopped since. I will admit it is not easy! That is for another day 😉

  • DATE: Give yourself a date and prepare yourself until then. Mine was May 30, 2016. The night before was my last wedding with that company May 29, 2016 and also my daughter’s 19th birthday! It was the most important thing I did because I drilled it in my head and from then I based everything around that date. I did not want to let myself down, so many obstacles but nothing was going to hold me back!
  • FOCUS: I had to focus on what it is I wanted to do and what were my goals (short term first) long term I already knew what I wanted.
  • INFORMATION:The Internet is the most amazing tool we all have access to it will tell you all you need to know. Even those questions you are afraid or embarrassed to ask! We all have those
  • SURROUNDINGS: Restructure your surroundings, reevaluate who is around you what positive influences you have and how are you contributing. Select a group of mentors they can be family, friends or someone you see on social media, that you look up to. They have to be people that have the similar goals as you not necessary what you want to do but a drive. Each one in my life contributed to me, some by the words of wisdom, other a helping hand but I knew I wasn’t alone and they believed in me! All you need is one person to believe in you and thats you but past that you wouldn’t want to be an entrepreneur if you didn’t; Im talking about someone outside looking in. ** You will notice people either support you or they don’t** don’t take anything personal!
  • STRUCTURE: You have to find a financial structure on why you think someone should spend their hard earned money on you. What makes you different? Why should they come to you? How not to sell yourself short! Its the hardest part at the beginning and still is because only you know how much work goes into it. Remember no matter how much passion etc you have in something you have get paid for your service! One of my mentors said “If you can’t ask for your money, then your not ready” You have to be confident on selling yourself and always execute!

These are your basics because everyone goes in a different direction and there is no way in telling you what happens, one thing is for certain if you do not leap you will never know, we are all scared. Even when you are working its scary nothing is guaranteed you can get fired tomorrow and then what? If you don’t succeed try again. This is not the first business outlet I tried but the other ones have led to this and prepared me its crazy how life works, taking nothing or no one for granted. Everything that happens to you is to prepare you for tomorrow!



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