F#%! I give up! I have feelings, too

Every day I prepare in bringing people together in love, for one of their most import days as couple… while I fight the battle of love until I finally gave up! I don’t want to fight I want to feel, its uncontrollable..Ive always felt like I had to hold a wall to keep me from falling, I would run before I allowed anything to happen or I would self destruct any relationship that even had a chance… but then their are those moments that give you no choice but to give up because you never want the feeling to end….

When you wake up and your mornings seem brighter, coffee taste better hmm ..wait actually you didn’t even need it! You don’t need any reassurance they feel the same. Butterflies every time you see them. That tickle you get when you see their text or call and you see their picture pop up on your phone or hear their special ring. You walk away with the feeling your in heaven you literally can get hit by a plane propeller and laugh.

There is no drug, not enough money or not any moment greater then that of being in Love and at the same time it could be the biggest pain one can feel, but that is not what we are talking about today!

Laughing harder then you ever laughed. The stare they give that literally tells you how much they care. Making you feel like your the only person that matters. Doing things together that are effortless. Actually spending quality time, making memories and building. The kiss that gets better overtime. When tears fall from happiness! I can go on just describing that feeling but you already know what feeling Im talking about, the one you never want to end..

but what if their is another…….



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