Balance: Quality of Life

For some reason that seems to be the new thing to be “BUSY”. Its like if you’re not busy your not doing nothing with your life. Well, I think its over rated. No one is that busy! We need to slow down or learn to make better decisions about our time. 
First, it’s not attractive that you can not balance or take control of your life. Yes, there will be days which are more productive and chaotic and there are other days that you will be to make time.
Balance, has been one of the things I’ve struggled when I went on my own. How to handle clients, family and friends and me! My life is devoted to my craft. My life revolves around my work and I love it. It may seem different at times, only because I have balanced my life or at least trying. It’s so important for everyone to take time for themselves and enjoy. Life has so many surprises, the last thing you want is the regrets of should have or could have. Time is the one thing we can never get back! It’s precious so spend it wisely. 
Today, I’m about the QUALITY of Life! What I do and who I spend it with is very important. I’m very busy as well but I try to make the best of my time. I’ve worked hard to get where I am today and I don’t plan to stop, I have a lot more to come in the future. I just don’t want to feel comfortable, neither should you; in relationships, at work or in life in general. I think once you do, you stop living. Life has so much to over and everyone or everything important in your life can contribute to your Quality of life. 
Anything can improve your quality by just doing one thing different or positive. If you reached your goal, set new ones. If your traveled the world then do it again with our eyes closed. I’ve your mastered your craft, then learn a new one. It goes on and on. If you feel that you found the one you love then continue to find ways to fall in love with them everyday. The list is endless and the answer is balance. 
I have dreams and I feel finally I’m living!!! Im doing what I love and work hard, only a few people have seen me in Beast mode, because I don’t stop! Some how I’ve learned to improve my quality of life and its by balance:

Wake Up Early: so I don’t need to rush, basically my day is over at 12pm and that is when most people are getting to the office. I’ve worked out, placed my orders, sent & replied to my emails, set appointments and everything in between.

NO: you have to learn to say no its ok to say no! 

Patience: This one I’m still learning because I’m used to being so “busy” 

Time Management: Leave 15 minutes in am so you can beat 45 min of extra traffic, prepare everything on Monday-Wednesday, therefore you have extra time on Thursday and Friday. Small changes make huge differences

Be PRODUCTIVE: Most people only work 3-4 hours in a 8 hour day (just be honest) if you do, then do as much as you can within those 3-4 hours therefore you’re not stressing the last 2 hours in getting it done.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY: It’s the only one you will ever have, your body is a machine and can handle things you would never imagine. Make it work for you! Your body is your best friend and will be with you all your life! 


These are just a few things, but there are so many that you can do. I just feel our quality of life is so important. So many things you need to be grateful for. We all have been given the tools to live that life you think is impossible.


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